Monday, May 7, 2012

Toronto Tulips Along Bloor Street

An outdoor cafe next to Cartier has a definite Gallic charm.

These bright pink tulips contrast well with the monochromatic facade of Chanel.
I suspect many city dwellers are too busy to stop for a moment to enjoy these tulip beds.
Holt Renfrew is one of Canada's oldest, most prestigious purveyors of fine clothing.
Tulips and bicycles...I'm thinking of Holland.
Even Tiffany of Fifth Avenue lacks this generous display of spring beauty.

Stollery's is over 100 years old, and offers the most classic brands, like Pringle, Aquascutum, Viyella, Daks, and Burberry.
St. Thomas is a tiny street that connects Bloor to the university campus.  It is very chic with elegant apartment buildings and the venerable Windsor Arms Hotel.

I always find spring a busy time.  As Canadians emerge from hibernation, the garden calls to be tended, cottages are opened, and there is a sense of release as we shed our heavy layers of winter clothing.

This May, I almost forgot to venture to Bloor Street, Toronto's so called "Mink Mile," to view the breathtaking displays of spring bulbs.  Bloor Street has the finest stores, and is in walking distance to museums, restaurants, and the campus of the University of Toronto.  Luckily, we've had a long, cool spring, so the displays have lasted a good two weeks longer than usual.

The sidewalks were recently renovated. They were widened in some parts, paved with black granite, and plain planters with a minimalist aesthetic were added.  Different types of trees were planted. Sadly, a few perished, but most survived and the buds are just opening.  This was an expensive and complex project that ran overtime and over budget, but it was well worth waiting for and has added great charm to the city. 

My wish is that this beauty will be appreciated and perhaps even spread to other areas of the city.  Aren't the blocks of solid primary colour tulips bordered with intense violet muscari impressive after the grey of winter? It is much too beautiful to overlook.

So, here are a few glimpses of a Toronto spring.


  1. You have been in hibernation for too long! The views of Toronto are beautiful, and human nature is such that when people see this sort of beauty, they get the urge to spread the beautification further.

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  3. Thanks so much for writing Mark. I've been in hibernation for a while, but also, it's been a bumpy year and I miss writing, and reading the blogs of others. I hope to get back as life brings some free time.

    All the best to you.

  4. These pictures arrived to me in Florida
    where beauty is of a different nature, but
    the beckoning of flowers is irresistible.
    I can't wait to get to Bloor Street - will
    I be too late? Nevertheless, I'm enroute...